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Valid - Sufficient in law; effective.

Vara - A Mexican measure of length; approximately 33 inches.

Variable Interest - Interest rates fluctuating up or down according to current cost of money.

Vendee - A buyer or purchaser.

Vendor - A seller.

Venue - The county in which an action is brought; also the place where an acknowledgment is taken.

Verification - A sworn statement before a qualified officer (notary public) that the contents of a writing are true.

Vest - To give an immediate fixed right to property.

Vestee - Present record owner.

Vested Interest - A property interest that is fixed or determined.

Vide - See.

Videlicet - To wit, that is to say; abbreviated as "viz."

Viz. - Abbreviation for videlicet.

Voidable - Subject to being declared void.

Voluntary Lien - A lien intentionally created or entered into by a debtor.

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