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Map Act - The Subdivision Map Act (Gov. Code, Section 66410 et seq.) regulating the subdivision of land.

Marshaling - The ranking of several parcels of land for the satisfaction of a debt for which all parcels serve as security. Marshaling is an equitable principle.

Mean - Intermediate.

Mean High Tide Line - The average height of certain high waters.

Meander - To follow a winding course.

Mechanic's Lien - A statutory lien in favor of persons contributing labor, material, supplies, etc. to a work of improvement upon real property.

Memorial - A short note, abstract, or memorandum.

Merger of Title - The absorption of a lesser estate into a larger estate.

Meridians - Imaginary north-south lines intersecting base lines to form a starting point for measurement of land.

Mesne - Intermediate, intervening.

Metes and Bounds - Measurements and boundaries.

Military Reservist Relief Act of 1991 - California statutory law to protect military reservists called to serve during the Gulf War from loss of property in satisfaction of obligations incurred before being called to serve.

Monument - An object or mark employed by a surveyor to fix or to establish boundaries or land location.

Moratorium - A temporary suspension by statute of the enforceability of a debt.

Mortgage - A two party security instrument pledging land as security for the performance of an obligation.

Mortgagee - The party entitled to performance by a mortgagor.

Mortgagor - The party executing a mortgage.

Muniments of Title - Deeds and other original documents comprising a chain of title to a parcel of real property.

Mutual Water Company - A company organized for the purpose of providing water to its members.

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