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Neighborhood Tips

Keep Your Children Safe in Their New Environment

  • Educate Your Children
    Encourage your children to memorize their new address and phone number prior to the move. Make sure you practice with them every opportunity you have and reward them. Visit their new school the day before their first day to familiarize them. As a result, they will feel more comfortable on their first day.

  • Become Familiar with the Area
    It is important to familiarize your children with surrounding streets, stores, parks, playgrounds etc. Walk through the neighborhood to show them acceptable routes they are allowed to travel and acceptable places they may visit, such as a park or a playground. To help them learn quickly, practice the name of the streets and pick a landmark to associate the street with. Discourage your children from taking shortcuts. Encourage them to always stay on the main roads. Finally, establish a safe place or person they can go to for help in case you are not available to assist them.

  • Meet the Neighbors
    Introduce yourself and your kids to the new neighbors. By doing this, you establish a favorable beginning relationship and create the opportunity of introducing your kids to their kids.

  • Instruct Your Children to Check First
    Your kids will most likely make friends in the area. Instruct them to ask permission before they go anywhere with their new friends, including in their homes.

  • Establish an Emergency Plan
    Create a list of emergency phone numbers and place in a designated area. Include emergency numbers such as fire, police, poison control, hospital, etc. Also create a list of your pager, work, and cellular phone numbers. Designate two other people to contact for help if your children cannot contact you.

  • Reinforce "Home Alone" Rules
    Your kids should never open the door for someone you don't know, whether or not you are home. In addition, they should make sure that all doors and windows remain locked.

    If a stranger should telephone and ask for personal information, warn your children against revealing any personal information. Instruct them to tell the caller you are not available and take a message.

  • Reinforce the Rules
    Your children will follow these rules if they are reminded on a regular basis.

    Walk the neighborhood with your kids now and then.

    Have them recite and spell their name, address and phone number a few times a week.

    Have them point out the location of emergency numbers.

    As long as these rules are adhered to, your family will enjoy a safe and comfortable environment!

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